the harveys {family photography}

The next session I had was with a family you may recognize if you have followed my work over the years. I first photographed this family soon after their first baby came home from the NICU after an early arrival. Over the years I photographed their family many times and to my great delight their home pays tribute to this fact. We did this session at their amazing new home/property and the first thing they did was show me the gallery of my work that was their hallway. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my images printed and hanging in homes. It really made my day Leanne. I went home and told my husband that we need to move back for MY job now, ha. Or maybe make a few more trips home.

We had a beautiful september morning for these photos and their property made me so happy. I love doing at home sessions where families are just so comfortable and kids feel free to just run around and do their thing. These two are so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed chasing them around their play area and chatting with their parents and sweet Grandma. 

Thank you Harvey family for another wonderful morning, and for honoring me with your loyalty and love. You guys are so precious to me! xoxo

theissen {family photography}

I try and get back  home to BC a time or two every year to do a few sessions. I have clients that are so dear to me and whom I’ve been honored to photograph since their babies were born. One of the hardest parts of our move south was leaving these clients I’ve grown to love behind. These trips “home” are for them. At times I find it overwhelming to go home as I want to work but there are also so many friends and family that I want to see that I just can’t fit it all in. So there are times, like this one, where I head quietly home for a weekend of sessions. If you want to be on my contact list for BC sessions, please email me at carvanphoto{at} and I will make sure you get the notifications when I am headed your way.

These sessions were back in September and we got a pretty great day despite the predicted rain. This family is also family to me. I have photographed both of their sweet girls as newborns and I was so excited to spend a little time with them while also getting to photograph them. We met bright and early and had fun traipsing around one of my favorite spots from before we moved.

Thanks so much for a fun morning Darren and Chelsea! Your girls were so much fun, loved my little art director! It was great to see you guys, I’m so glad it worked out! Your usb is on it’s way!! xo

eliza {newborn photography, anaheim hills ca}

Oh precious. This squishy little bit of loveliness was an absolute doll. I have been itching to photograph a new little one, and this is one of my favorite families to boot. My favorite thing to photograph is young families. Toddlers tend to just run the show, parents tend to just kiss and cuddle and snuggle their little ones and I just get to capture it. It is my favorite. And Eliza’s big brother is a little heart melter himself. He was so happy the whole time, and thought it was hilarious that I would stand on furniture to get a shot. Apparently they don’t stand around on furniture a whole lot in this family. I adored my morning with this family, and have too many photos to post, so enjoy this glimpse into a morning with this beautiful/ adorable/ wonderful bunch:

(emily is one of the amazing ladies behind the trendy bubs brand (and the outfit little miss Eliza is wearing below), if you have little ones and haven’t checked them out, you really should. They make me wish I still had a little one to dress.)

I am so thrilled for you guys and honored to photograph your sweet growing family. I can’t wait til the next time!! xo

an evening at the park

So I am still doing my 365 project, but privately with a group of friends this year. It’s fun to hold each other accountable and see each other’s photos. It feels a little more interactive and I am enjoying it. That being said, this time of year tends to be a slower time of year even for busy photographers, so I miss having some sessions to post. I do have one session that I did right before we went home for Christmas that I will post, and will have a newborn session any day now, which I’m totally excited about. But for now, I want to posts bits and pieces of us instead of everyday. And the other night we had some fun at a nearby park and the light was gorgeous and the kids were fun and goofy, which is my favorite combo, and I just couldn’t help myself. So here is a few minutes of our evening:

I love evenings at the park.

twelve {L}

Yep. 12. Last year without a teenager in this house. That is crazy people!! I was just looking through my old photo albums, reminiscing my favorite years when my home was full of babies and toddlers. Days consisted of snuggles and stories, giggles and games, meltdowns and nap times, cutting up food and cleaning up messes. Playing cars on the floor and singing silly songs. Wiping noses, and stressing over coughs, physical exhaustion and incoherent sentences. The good, the bad, the beautiful. I miss those days, have I mentioned that? But these days? They’re different. It’s more emotionally exhausting than physical. There aren’t quite as many snuggles, and no falling asleep in my arms, but there’s big conversations about important things. There’s still much laughter and silly songs, just of a more grown up nature. There are still meltdowns and messes, but he even makes some of his own lunches and dinners now. There is the joy of watching him in sports and activities that he loves. You trade one thing for another and I know that someday soon I will really be missing these days as well. I try really hard to remember that on the hard days. I was warned that these pre-teen years could be… tough. And they are. Sometimes I feel like most of our interactions are me getting after him to do his homework, get off electronics, clean his room, stop bugging his siblings…. you know? But then I have these moments, where I glance at him, and I remember how my whole world was once made up of him. I remember the night before M was born, knowing I would be induced the next morning I went to put him to bed. I rocked his chubby little body and he fell asleep on my chest in the rocking chair and tears streamed down my cheeks. I knew both of our worlds would change the next day. That he wouldn’t be the whole center of the world. I knew I would love the baby in my belly, I just imagined that I would always secretly love him the most. And my heart hurt for him that his world would change. That he would have to share us. There are days when we are having a rough day and I think that I should have just had him, so I could still devote my entire self to him, and his needs. Maybe it would seem less overwhelming? But then…. but then. These moments happen. Moments that make all the hard things worth it. A couple of weeks ago Laeten got an award at school. Out of the 1,200 students each teacher picks a student to honor. His history teacher chose him. He got up and mentioned how L always comes to class with a great attitude, how he is always happy. He said that he noticed how L had taken a turn in the second term. How he went from struggling to complete assignments to working really hard to get everything turned in. He noticed him. He made me notice him. I thought “yeah, he is always happy! He does always go to school with a good attitude! He has worked hard!” I loved him for noticing. I loved him for reminding me.

This kid. He melts me. And he challenges me. He makes me so proud! And he makes me so frustrated. He brings me such joy. And he makes me question myself. But you know what? That, my friend, is motherhood. It is wonderful and it is hard, and that’s how it should be! I have been given this huge responsibility to parent this boy. And every day I wake up wanting to do it right! And I beat myself up for every mistake I make but I forget to applaud myself for all the things I do right. I forget to remind myself that I have a child that is happy, and kind, and so, so, SO very loved. And so very loving. He loves me too, so I must be doing something right. Or many things right even. I love who he is growing to be. I love his soft heart towards others. I love his prayers, and how he thinks of others and tries to look out for the underdog. I love how he has learned to use his hard days to empathize with others that are hurting. I love how he is the first to notice if I am having a sad day. He is a sensitive soul. And I love how he is growing to be my buddy. How we can read some of the same books and go to a movie together that we both love. So… yes, it is hard for me to have my babies grow up, but it is also kinda wonderful. I love who he is growing to be and I can’t wait for all the greatness that is ahead of us. He is an amazing boy, and I am so excited to see who he becomes. I mean, he’s pretty darn cute already (if I do say so myself). Great things are in store for him. For us. I just know it.

It’s funny, I took these photos in November and he has since changed his hair and it’s amazing how much a haircut changes your look. I like his hair here better than I did at the time, haha.  I yuh ya L! You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!! All my heart… xoxo